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Why sell a boat with Top Yacht?

Whether you are buying or selling, the boat and yacht market is hot and full of opportunities for you!!!

Now, is a great and safe time to be on the water with your family and friends. We can help you make the best decision and bring the right deal for you whether near or far.

We are ready to find the best opportunities for those who want to buy or sell boats and follow you throughout the process, helping you every step of the way to close a successful deal.

Excellent Customer Service

Top Yacht Brokerage is a Florida licensed brokerage brings you confidence in the process, helping boat buyers and sellers since 2004.

Integrity plus Confidence

Our CEO Don Long, brings his 27 years of integrity and experience as a US Marine to yacht and boat sales.

Attention to Detail

We have attention to detail throughout the entire purchase or sale process, from evaluation boat condition, secure offer, closing deal and delivery.

Top Yacht Brokerage

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